The year was 1983, a beautiful balding baby girl made her debut. As the weeks progressed, soft white fuzz began sprouting from her head. That is when they knew, they had indeed procreated a blonde headed child.

That child….was me.

As the years went on, my stringy blonde hair maintained an adorable shade of baby blonde (almost white) hue. These were the glory years for my natural blonde hair. 2 years in a row I was chosen to play the angel in our Christmas recital, because of my angelic blonde hair.

Then, somewhere around Junior High my locks began to yellow. My baby blonde hair had become a golden blonde mess. And for someone with red skin undertones, this was not a welcomed contrast. My stringy hair became curly and so thick I had to have it thinned at the salon.

For the next several years I visited many different stylists desperate to regain my “Icy” white blonde. But time and time again, I left with golden highlights.

I tried using the “Shimmering Lights” purple shampoo everyone raves about, but my hair rejected it. It did almost nothing to cool the yellow in my mane.

After baby #2 I had an identity crisis and left the salon one day with almost black hair. It was gorgeous, but it wasn’t me. It took a solid year and a lot of money to transition back to blonde.

At one point it was auburn, and even my stylist voiced that warm colors are not my friend ?. Then alas, I was blonde again. But at this point my natural color was an “oh so lovely” dishwater blonde. Which, despite its name is not necessarily a bad color. But it is not a good color on me.

Finally fed up, I posted on a local community page, a picture of my hair and a picture of what I wanted. Several people commented telling me how good their stylists were and I responded with, “but how are they with blonde?” You see, blonde hair is an entirely different beast. Every blonde will tell you, it is hard to find a stylist that can give you what you want. I had several other women comment asking me to let them know if I find a stylist that can deliver, because they were wanting the same thing!

{Here is a million dollar idea for all you hair stylists…. A salon specifically geared towards blondes. You will attract EVERY SINGLE blonde and aspiring blonde within a 100 mile radius! Call it something like “Platinum Ash” or “Ice Ice Blondie”. Okay, so those aren’t great names but you can call it whatever you want because if you build it…. Blondes will come!}

On that fateful post I had one stylist boldly comment that she could do it, no problem. After years, of stylists saying, “we can try” and “I can get you pretty close to that color”, I was intrigued by her confidence. Somewhat skeptical but oh so hopeful, I made an appointment with her.

I showed up to the salon with a bit of a chip on my shoulder because I was tired of paying for something I didn’t want. Y’all, this chick was super chill and matter of fact. Not at all cocky, but she had so much confidence in herself and her skills. She didn’t bat an eye or show any fear when I explained to her what I wanted and how I was tired of paying for disappointment. I may or may not have been hungry, sleep deprived, and sassy, but she wasn’t phased.

I walked out of that salon with the biggest smile on my face. ICE BLONDE!!!!! 2 years later and she is still my girl?! But here is the thing. That salon Ice cannot hold up against my well water. My hair wants so badly to be golden that it grabs onto the iron in our water and every opportunity it can to turn yellow?. Fortunately it doesn’t completely regress, but maintaining the Ice “white” blonde between visits is hard.

The next visit she introduced me to my miracle shampoo. She asked if I had tried the no yellow purple shampoo, and I rolled my eyes on the inside but politely smiled and said “yes” (because every blonde knows about the purple shampoo). She paused and looked at me in the mirror and said, “No, the shampoo called NO YELLOW.” I just stared back and said, “oh….no….I don’t know what that is.” Then she gave me the run down and the protocol. This snarky dishwater blonde who thought she had tried, seen, and heard it all, had met her hairstylist match. Girlfriend knew what she was talking about and forever changed my “hair” life that day.

If you live in NW Montana, email me and I will share her info, because if you are wanting ice blonde, she is your girl!

EDIT: I’ve gotten a lot of question about shampoo sizes. I buy the 1,000 ml Fanola No yellow 2-pack from Amazon. which is the best value.

The single bottle of Fanola No yellow is more expensive per-ounce but less overall if you want to try it out.

Icy short hair!

If you are struggling to capture the Icy blonde or already have the perfect color and just need a way to maintain between trips to the salon, go right now and order a bottle of this No Yellow shampoo! I won’t lie, it scared me at first when I opened the bottle and poured the almost black shampoo into my hand. I mean it is intense and will color your skin?. But I’m usually back to normal by the time I condition and get out of the shower. I sometimes cut it with my everyday shampoo to thin it out and make it last longer.

If you are really yellow, let it soak in for 10-20 min. I sometimes take a “shath” (shower-bath.) And I just soak in the tub with a head full of purple. Occasionally I will have a silvery blue tinge but it looks great too and I always get compliments. After one wash it’s back to icy.

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about what I curl my hair with. I use the Xtava 5 in 1 Professional Curling Iron and Wand Set.

To all of my blonde-ish friends out there, I know the struggle and hope my journey from How I went from Golden Blonde to Ice Blonde saves you time and heartache. ?

Golden blonde to Ice blond hair