I always keep paper plates on hand because there are endless paper plate crafting options. I buy in bulk and order them off Amazon. The best crafting paper plates are the cheap flimsy ones that would give you serious anxiety if your kid was walking around with it filled with food, but they are perfect for cutting and crafting. Since we are all excitedly anticipating Spring, we decided to make this fun and easy Paper Plate Butterfly Craft.

Step 1: Cut plate in half, shaping wings.

Step 2: Color the wings.

Step 3: Adhere wings to toilet paper roll.

(I had planned to use crafting sticks but had just run out?. The toilet paper roll was still a great option and gave us more room to decorate.?) Decorate with whatever random pieces you have left over in your crafting supplies?. I also buy PomPoms in bulk because we use them in almost every project.

Step 4: Attach pipe cleaners for the antennas.

All Done!?

Happy Almost SPRING! Enjoy your sweet little Paper Plate Butterfly Craft! ?