Okay, It’s October and now socially acceptable to dive into all things Fall. Originally from the South, I know many of you are forcing Fall even though it is 90 degrees outside. What better way to convince the rest of your senses into believing the seasons have changed, than tracking down these Top 4 Essential Oil Combos to diffuse this Fall!

I am a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom), and like many of my kind, I love my yoga pants, the kid’s nap time, occasionally going an entire day without ever putting on a bra, and getting sucked into some good old fashion “wholesale” pricing deals anytime my friends are selling something I like.

MLM companies hit the jackpot when they discovered the SAHM. I mean, it does make sense, and honestly, if I had a kajillion dollars, I’d buy retail from all my friends working for MLM companies. I honestly have several friends in different MLM companies that have been wildly successful, so I am all for my go-getter SAHM friends, doing what they can to help ease the financial burden that so many of us have. When I can, I am there to support, which has led me to my current lot in life.

It all became very clear one evening when I was at a “LimeLife” party one of my sweet friends was throwing, and someone asked me what I did. When I said I was a SAHM, she then asked if I sold anything.

I paused briefly before answering with, “I sell Everything and Nothing.”

I kind of laughed to myself, because it was true.

My History With Essential Oils

Over the past couple of years, I have signed up as a distributor, ambassador, consult, and a bevy of other clever salesperson names. Most of the time I signed up to get the “best” deal on products or some joining promo gift. Yep, I’m an easy sell.

Of course, I chalk it up to being practical and sometimes even convince myself, that I may sell some if it happens organically, just to cover the cost of my products. I won’t name the product here, but I had a lot of health success with one of my many ventures and loved it enough to sell actively.

But then I lost momentum and to be honest; I don’t think I’m that great at it. Really believing in and loving the product does not always translate, when you also want to make money. Because let’s face it, everyone is selling something and after you have exhausted your close friends and family, the rest of your “friends” are cringing because most of us are late to the game and they have been approached a dozen times.

To illustrate my career in the world of MLM here is a quick look at some of the companies I am previously/currently a “wholesale” buyer with. LimeLife (free brush set), Younique (free eyeshadow pallet that I was going to purchase anyways so I got all the extra stuff for a few more bucks), Norwex (because I love their cloths and mop and actually thought it would sell itself, wrong), Isagenix (because I was going to have such an incredible transformation that people would beg me for my secret.)

Oh yeah! There’s more; Plexus (because I was already taking the products with great success and wanted them cheaper), Young Living Oils (because I diffuse the heck out of some oils, and was convinced that since you can’t eat other oils then everything else was poison; Even though I never ingest them so it wouldn’t matter anyway), Almost got lured into selling Jamberry, until I actually tried them, and it took me a solid hour to apply to one hand, and then I was unable to function with my left hand and complete the other side.)

This is just a list of MLM companies that lured me in with their promises of success and happily ever after. Unfortunately you have to actually work if you want to make money, and I had too many irons in the fire. I am also the proud owner of some very expensive skincare that I didn’t use all of, (because there were too many steps and I wasn’t seeing enough changes to warrant the time investment), some lovely pampered chef products, that I love, (but honestly bought because it felt weird not to when only 3 of us showed up and they were watching us fill out the order form), and Usbourne Books (which are missing all the pieces).

All of this to say…. I AM NOT SELLING OR PROMOTING ANY OF THESE PRODUCTS, I have a modge podge collection of items that may be picture throughout my entries, but I am not selling any MLM items. Please, if you want to buy something check with your close friends and family first because they will know if you buy from a stranger or acquaintance, they will remember, and your relationship will never be the same. Just kidding…Kind of.

Now, to the purpose of this post.

My Favorite Oils and Combos To Diffuse For Fall!

1. The first combo is my current favorite, and I just came across it a few weeks ago on the first day of school when I walked into my 2nd grader’s classroom, and it smelled amazing. Her teacher, who happens to be my dear friend and hiking buddy, was diffusing EO’s? Her secret combo? YL Purification and Lavender! I’ve diffused both separately but y’all, this combo is so soothing. Also, how cool that she diffuses in her class because scents trigger memory and it can aid in learning. Plus I’m sure it covers whatever smells emanate from a hoard of 7 and 8 year olds.


fall essential oils

2. The second combo I am loving as Fall floods Montana, is Clove and Orange. I don’t know why it works, but trust me, it does.

fall essential oils

3. My forever go-to for diffusing especially during cold/germy months is my treasured Theives. Theives all round! In my soap, laundry detergent, cleaning spray, and more often than not, diffusing throughout my house. But a combo, that I am claiming to have discovered since I just put them together last night out of desperation in hopes of soothing my 2-year-old’s cough, is Thieves and Peppermint. It smells awesome, and it may have been a coincidence, but she actually stopped coughing!

fall essential oils

4. Okay so it’s not a combo, but here is where I tell you to buy something. I had several “oily’ friends tell me I needed to get YL Cinnamon Bark for Fall. But you know what, even at wholesale prices I couldn’t stomach spending $25 for 5ml worth of an oil I was undoubtedly going to blow through. Enter, Amazon Prime with 10ml of 100% pure therapeutic grade for only $8.99!

fall essential oils


That’s it! My favorite Essential Oils to diffuse to make Fall smell more Fall-y.