I’ve done it. I have finally made a list of my Top Favorite Keto/Low Carb Treats and Desserts.

I can only assume I am not alone in my inability to resist desserts. Though I have people tell me all the time, they don’t have a sweet tooth, but salty foods call to them. Well isn’t that just slap-bag-tootin’-fantastic for you Sara with no “h”.

Yeah… I have that on top of my uncontrollable sugar cravings. I just like my trail mix with M&M’s and my French fries dipped in a frosty. So please go on about how our struggles are so similar when I’m craving what you’re craving but covered in chocolate and topped with caramel.

These are the same people who say they don’t like cheesecake because it is “too rich” for their blood.” JUST EAT A SMALLER PIECE! It’s not like the rest of us who love cheesecake have butter and Crisco pumping through our veins ?. Quarter pound servings of cheesecake is enough to wipe out any of us…..but some of us choose to soldier on and not complain.

That said, anytime I look into a diet, (call it a lifestyle one more time and I’ll break out the dictionary; The sum of food consumed by an individual is called a “DIET.”) Like I was saying, anytime I change up my DIET with the goal of losing weight, I always want to know what my “treat” options are. If I cannot indulge in something “sweet-esque”, then I will end up caving and binge eating Little Debbies.

And one of the things I love about the Keto diet are all the delicious dessert options, because mama needs her treats! Sometimes they are a hit and sometimes they are a frustrating bust. So to save you time, money, and the frustration of wasting calories on a dessert that is yuck, I have compiled a list of my Top Favorite Keto/Low Carb Treats and Desserts. (With links to the recipes.)


keto cheese cake

2.Dark Chocolate Ganache Cookies

Dark Chocolate Ganache Cookies

3. Maple Pecan Mug Cake

keto maple mug cake

4. Peanut Butter Milkshake

5. Fudge Brownies

6. Mason Jar Ice Cream

7. Lemon Blueberry Pound Cake

8. Whoopie pies

This delicious treat is made from cloud bread with chocolate keto buttercream icing.